The artist of an individual originality. All works very bewitching, are written in the individual style close to impressionism, bright colors, visible by the artist on its condition, on those emotions which she tests when writes the pictures. To be engaged in painting has begun with the end of 2008.

Working out of the individual style, search of personal interpretation of vision of the world and tested emotions through riches and even color violence is a main direction in my present creativity. Most close now impressionism and postimpressionism, as most full reflecting my creative credo. The sphere of searches of personal style of a writing nowadays includes also development of a realistic manner.



Portraits, landscapes, still-lifes

Nyria “Nyria”

canvas, oil, size 40*30, 2011

In a lilac “In a lilac”

canvas, oil, size 30*40

Andrey Andreevich “Andrey Andreevich”

canvas, oil, 40*30

Mysteriousness “Mysteriousness”

canvas, oil. size 40*30

At sunset “At sunset”

canvas, oil, size 40*30

Time sand “Time sand”

Canvas, oil, size 30*40

Elena Viktorovna “Elena Viktorovna”

canvas, oil, size 40*30

The exciting moment “The exciting moment”

canvas, oil, size 30*40

Still-life with roses “Still-life with roses”

canvas, oil, size 30*40

Self-portrait “Self-portrait”

canvas, oil, size 50*40