Location: Latvia

Olga Durseneva, a contemporary artist from Riga, creates unique color abstractions - color
portraits of a person according to her own methodology.

Having never been professionally connected with art (without having a specialized education in
this sphere), nevertheless, a little over a year ago, Olga made painting her life's work. In her
work, the artist combined her two greatest passions - the love of creating beauty and the
craving for deep knowledge of this world.

Olga was prompted to create her concept of abstract color portraits by a long-term study of the
inner world of a person from the standpoint of various sciences - numerology, astropsychology,
etc. Combining numerology and color psychology together, Olga came up with a technique by
which, through color, it is possible to depict not the external, but the internal appearance of a

To implement her idea, Olga chose one of the most unusual techniques of abstract painting -
fluid art, as she was inspired by the magic of this process. Olga creates all her works exclusively
in this technique.

“My biggest dream is to paint the whole world with bright colors of color portraits. I really want
every person on this Earth to realize and accept that he or she is truly inimitable and unique
with the help of my paintings. The human soul is incredibly beautiful. Color portraits convince
me of this every day, ”says the artist.


Olga hasn't uploaded any images yet. Please check back soon!