Josch H. Pfisterer

Josch H. Pfisterer

Location: Austria

Josch H. Pfisterer has grown up in Grins/Tyrol. Since his early childhood he has been engaged in drawing and painting. At the age of 13 he was assigned by his uncle to draw a portrait of his father.
After school education triannual apprenticeship as sign painter and promotional designer with additional apprenticeship as screen printer. While exercising his profession close contact with artistic implementations and techniques such as conserving and gilding as well as with mural paintings. Development of various drawing and painting techniques. During this time first surrealistic drawings.
Move to Düsseldorf. Employment as sign painter and promotional designer, gilder. Refinement of artistic
techniques with oil paintings, drawings and pastel paintings. Change of style from Realism to Surrealism and
Fantastic Realism. During this time he took the chance to meet well-known artists like Joseph Beuys, Gerhard
Richter, Jörg Immendorff, Petra Ellert. It was an important experience to work next-door to one another and to
get important impressions thereby.
Producing the largest illusionistic mural painting so far (10 x 15 m).
Further large painting measuring 5 x 20 m: the film poster for the restored film "Napoleon" by Abel Gance from 1927.
Education as a sculptor (Petra Ellert). Several smaller works succeed. Together with the sculptor Horst Kretek from Düsseldorf life-sized plaster cast "Der sitzende Mann" ("The sitting man"), bought by the city of Düsseldorf for the foyer in the Technical city hall.
First etching experience through Petra Ellert.
Member of the artist circle "Spektrum 76" in Düsseldorf and the artist group Wuppertal. With the Wuppertal group creation of calendars in screen-printing technique with current topics.
Move to Grins/Tyrol. Assignments for illusionistic mural paintings.
From this time onward Josch H. Pfisterer regularly addresses himself to film with avocational occupation as artist. At first he works as freelance cameraman in the domains economy, public relations and documentary film for television.
First own productions such as "Dann hast du keine Freunde mehr" ("Then You'll have no Friends any more"), "Strom aus Wasserkraft" ("Electricity from Water Power"), "Novitell", "Brot" ("Bread"), "Darani", "Lehrgrabung Armenien" ("Training Excavation in Armenia"), "Die vielen Gesichter der Mimikforschung" ("The Manifold Faces of Facial Expression Research"), broadcasted amongst others in Austrian Cinemas and on TV.
Since the beginning of 2009 art has re-gained significance. Acquistion of the etching technique.


Acrylic and Oil

The many figures in my head !

Since I can think, a lot of fantastic and surreal creatures live in my head. They live in their own fauna. Unfortunately, I can not bring them to life but I can make them visible as acrylic or oil paintings, drawings or prints and I can even make them tangible in the form of a
sculpture. They are extraordinary creatures, but very lovable.
The artist

Bis_in_die_Wolken_inter “Bis_in_die_Wolken_inter”

Acrylic on canvas
60 x 20 cm

alm Abtrieb “alm Abtrieb”

Acrylic on canvas
23,5 x 30

Cherry Roller “Cherry Roller”

Acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 cm

Ablation “Ablation”

Acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 cm

Before God, all human beings are equal “Before God, all human beings are equal”

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 150 cm

Irreführung der Sinne “Irreführung der Sinne”

Oil of canvas 40 x 40 cm

Porträt zweier Exotinnen/Portrait of two Exotics “Porträt zweier Exotinnen/Portrait of two Exotics”

Acryl auf Leinwand
30 x 40 cm

Acryliy on Canvas
30 x 40 cm

Natascha “Natascha”

Oil on canvas 15 x 15 cm

See and think “See and think”

oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm


Trilogy of the Senses “Trilogy of the Senses”

Plaster and iron
4 x 4 x 40 cm

Different to “Different to”

Plaster on iron

Nose screw, Nasschnecke “Nose screw, Nasschnecke”

Terracotta gold plated and silver plated

Terakotta vergoldet und versilbert.

Etching, printmaking

Look “Look”

Mezzotint, drypoint on handmade paper
15 x 20 cm

Ant “Ant”

Aqua Tinto, drypoint on handmade paper
20 x 15 cm

Surreal Landscape “Surreal Landscape”

Mezzotint, drypoint on handmade paper
30 x 20 cm

Anonym “Anonym”

Mezzotint, drypoint on handmade paper
30 x 20

DrawingThe conversation of Mr. Langnas under the portrait of Vataras

Pencil, colored pencil, ink

The bow of a cypress “The bow of a cypress”

Pitt oil-based on paper
25 x 19 cm

 Shortly before flowering “ Shortly before flowering”

Colored pencil on paper
25 x 16 cm

Entfaltung/unfolding “Entfaltung/unfolding”

Buntstift, Pitt und Bleistift auf Papier
18 x 28 cm

Colored pencil, Pitt and pencil on paper
18 x 28 cm

Katzenauge mit Gebirge/cat's eye with Mountains   “Katzenauge mit Gebirge/cat's eye with Mountains ”

Bleistift, Farbstift
Papier 56 x 23 cm

Pencil pencil crayon
on paper 56 x 23 cm

Dezorijentacija “Dezorijentacija”

Bleistift, Farbstift auf Papier

Pencil, colored pencil on paper

38 x 27 cm

Grazien und die nicht Integrierbare/The Three Graces and the non-integrable “Grazien und die nicht Integrierbare/The Three Graces and the non-integrable”

Bleistift, Farbstift auf Papier
Pencil, colored pencil on paper

Pfifferling mit Lippenhaube/Chanterelle with lip hood “Pfifferling mit Lippenhaube/Chanterelle with lip hood”

Bleistift, Farbstift auf Papier
54 x 23 cm


Pencil , colored pencil on paper
54 x 23 cm

No work . ZEI 2016 PFMLH - BLEI_FS - ORIG

critical views “critical views”

Colored pencil, pencil on paper
42 x 40 cm

Türrggen “Türrggen”

Colored pencil, pencil on paper
60 x 40 cm

Pferdefuss “Pferdefuss”

Farbstift, Bleistift auf Karton
44 x 34 cm

Svadilfaris respectful adoration of the Epona in the presence of the Hippokamp “Svadilfaris respectful adoration of the Epona in the presence of the Hippokamp”

Svadilfaris is a stallion from the Nordic mythology and my unfortunate traveler. On his way through the country he meets Epona, the Roman goddess of horses. My hippocampus observed from a respectful distance the homage of Svadilfaris to the goddess. The seahorse, the little servant of Epona, holds her hair together.

The wind “The wind”

Silver pin on specially primed hardfibre plate
33 x 23 cm