Annika Eliasson

Annika Eliasson


Annika Eliasson, I have my studio in PiteƄ in northern Sweden and I have had several exhibitions and assignments over the years.

My art is created with playfulness and is often a combination of fantasy and reality. I get my inspiration from my surroundings or from nature, animals and plants. Often unexpected encounters are created in my works and often my figures get both soul and heart during creation. I create both paintings and illustrations in acrylic, oil or watercolor.
"I want my subjects to evoke a sense of wonder, perhaps a little nostalgia. My art invites you to rekindle the magic of imagination and the beauty of the natural world. For me, painting brings great power and joy to life, which I hope my paintings convey. Come and join me on a journey where nature and childhood imagination collide and dreams take off."


A journey through time

A journey through time “A journey through time”

A thought-provoking idea that has surely aroused the curiosity and imagination of many.
Being able to explore both history and future worlds. Perhaps inspired to deeper reflection on life's mysteries and possibilities,
which reminds that time is one of our most valuable assets so it is important to use it wisely.

The keys of life

The keys of life “The keys of life”

Searching for the "keys of life" can be a lifelong journey of learning and insight.
The dragons, the mysterious ones, can be the ones who help us with the secrets of life,
but they can also be symbols of our inner demons or challenges that we must overcome
to find the true keys to happiness and harmony.