Gretchen Kommer

I was lucky enough to have been born into a creative family where my art was always encouraged. My work is in acrylic paints on stretched canvas and I love using a painterly style as well as a more detailed and realistic approach. I often use photos that I have taken from nature and architecture on my morning walks as a starting point for my compositions. I would say that my art is derived from my personal esthetic of my surroundings rather than an emotional interpretation. My stretched canvases are varnished, packed in cardboard and insured for shipping. Prints are also available as well.
Contact info:

Cell:1(631) 374-5539


Still Lives in Acrylics.

My portfolio is predominantly of figurative still lives done in acrylics on stretched canvas. My pieces range in size from 10 x 10 in. to 20 x 30 in. Prices range from $250 to $700 I usually work from photos I have taken from nature. Each of my works is painted with clear high gloss acrylic varnish, packed securely in cardboard and insured for shipping.
Contact Info:
Cell: 1+ (631) 374-5539

Daisy Weed “Daisy Weed”

Daisy Weed is a figurative still life of the flower during the Summer in New York. The piece is 12 x 12 inches on gallery canvas in acrylic paints. Price $325 including shipping. This is a delicate image of a usually over looked flower painted subtlety.

Apricot Tree “Apricot Tree”

Apricot tree is a still life of a section of an apricot tree from New York. It is 10x10 in. done in acrylics on stretched canvas. Price $275 including shipping. This is a rather small piece, however, really pops due to its complimentary pallet.

Ginger Tea “Ginger Tea”

Ginger Tea is a figurative painterly still life painted in acrylics on stretched canvas. It is 9 x 12 inches and priced at $265 including shipping. This is a Pop Art piece due to its subject matter and use of dark outlines. This is one of my favorite works as it has transmits a feeling of comfort.

White Ermine Moth “White Ermine Moth”

White Ermine Moth is a figurative, acrylic painting on gallery canvas of a white spotted moth. I have used a painterly technique in creating this composition which helps to add movement to the otherwise static subject matter. This 9 x 12 inch painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and varnished, packaged in cardboard and insured for shipping. It is priced at $300 which includes shipping.

Daffodils “Daffodils ”

Daffodils is a painting of the yellow and white flowers I created from a photo taken in Massachusetts during the Spring. This painting has an ethereal, luminous backdrop to it giving it a surreal feeling. Daffodils is 20 x 30 inches on gallery canvas and priced at $775 including shipping..