Valeri Tarasov


Location: Italy


Valeri Tarasov is resident in Italy. He was the winner of a series of State competitions for Public Works advertised internationally. The winning works were purchased by the Italian State and are currently on display in Lecce and Siracusa. Other works were commissioned and purchased by the City of Bari for the Museum intitled to St. Nicholas. Finally, a number of works by Valeri are currently owned by Italian and foreign collectors and private museums. Valeri’s exhibitions are usually reviewed by local and national papers and by the State television (RAI) news services together with many other national TVs and radios.
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The artistic curriculum of Valeri Tarasov is based on numerous solo exhibitions held all over Europe.

1990-1993 Moscow (Russia), Permanent Exhibition of Autumn and Spring
1990 Lecce (Italy), Il sedile
1990 Bari (Italy), Santa Teresa dei Maschi
1990 Belgrad (Serbia), Gallery of Arts
1991 Saint Petersburg (Russia), “Nevskji Gallery”
1991 Riga, Kiev e Odessa
1992 Gorliz (Germany), Municipal Theatre
1993 Budapest (Hungary), Summer Festival
1993 Pescara (Italy), Municipal Hall
1994 Gallipoli (Italy), Castle
1994 Dinard (Fance), “Gay Gallery”
1994 Moscow (Russia), Studio Club “10A”, “Trial n.9”
1994 Parigi (Fance), “Lion Gallery”
1995 Moscow (Russia), “Central House of artists”
1995 Urbino (Italy), Municipal Hall
1995 Bari (Italy), Circolo Barion
1996 Dubrovnik (Croatia), Civic Gallery
1996 Torino (Italy), Gallery “La Telaccia”
1996 Rome (Italy), “Caffè dei Servi”
1996 Bari (Italy), “New Gallery”
1997 Rome (Italy), Italian Gallery of Contemporary Art, at Fiera Roma (the Rome Exhibition Grounds)
1997 Fermignano (Italy), “Sala Bramante”
1997 Bari (Italy), Palace of the Province of Bari, Colonnaded Hall
1997 Florence (Italy), Biennale of Contemporary Art
1997 Bari (Italy), “Caffè sotto il mare”
1998 Gradisca d'Isonzo (Italy), “Rubens” Gallery
1998 Tours (France), Municipal Hall
1999 Bari (Italy), “Giardini di Atrebil”
1999 Alberobello (Italy) , street installations for Experimenta 99
2000 Alberobello (Italy), Municipal Gallery: Between Space and Emptiness
2000-2001 Bari (Italy), Civic Gallery ‘Spaziogiovani’: San Nicola e i Bambini
2001 Alberobello (Italy), Trullo sovrano: Pass-Port
2003 Bari (Italy), La Panchetta Gallery: Between Space and Emptiness
2003 Barcellona (Spain), Iris Gallery: Pass-Port
2005 Bari (Italy), Civic Gallery ‘Spaziogiovani’: Aquarium
2005 Bari (Italy), Sala Murat: Pass-Port
2006 Otranto (Italy), Castle: Pass-Port
2007 Bari (Italy), Linea d’Arte Gallery: Stati d’animo
2007 Andria (Italy), SpA Gallery: 13 Canvas
2007 Cisternino (Italy), ex-Banca Credem (“Banca-rotta”)
2008 Andria (Italy), SpA Gallery – Società per l’Arte
2008 Ostuni (Italy), Tanzarella Palace: Stati d’animo
2010 Tirana (Abania), GKA (National Gallery of Arts): Pass-Port, Habitat&Dis-Habitat
2010 Papiano (Italy), “ArtfarmGaia”: Between Space and Emptiness
2010 Bettona (Italy), Biennale
2011 Bari (Italy), DivisioneArte Gallery
2011-2012 Bruxelles (Belgium), Coloma Castle: Reizende Identiteit
2013 Lecce (Italy), Castle of Charles V: Habitat&Dis-Habitat
2014 Rome (Italy), Villa Brasini: Between Space and Emptiness
2016 Polignano a Mare (Italy), St. Giuseppe Palace: Between Space and Emptiness
2016 Gubbio (Italy), ‘Palazzo dei Consoli’
2016 Lecce (Italy), MUST - Historical Museum of Lecce: Between Space and Emptiness
2019 Matera (Italy), European Capital of Culture, Hypogea of St. Francesco: The Last Shelter

1997 winner of State competition for Public Works advertised internationally
1998 winner of State competition for Public Works advertised internationally


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