Alessandra Sequeira

I was born in Costa Rica, and four years ago, I dreamt that life is made of lines of intention.
Sometimes we are ink, sometimes we are roots or branches, but always entangled. I propose roots of
empathy within my art pieces. Life is an intertwined natural phenomenon, as in my artwork, raw
silk, rice paper; Stratford paper and canvas are the holders of this encounter. I have exhibited 44
times in different Galleries and Museums. Published in several Art books and magazines in Art
Dubai. I also awarded with the Dante Alighieri International Award, at Biennale Peschiera Del
Garda. Exhibited at Brussels Tag Gallery and at Northern Trust and in Carlos Cruz Diez’ Espace
Expression Gallery, in Miami, where I was awarded with the honorable mention for Costa Rica.
Another important recognition took place at the 5th triennial of Riga, Latvia, as my artwork became
part of the collection of the Museum. Four solo exhibitions in Gallery Cayalá Foundation Rozas
Botran in Guatemala; Blow Art Haussmark in San José, Costa Rica and at Colorida Art Gallery,
Lisbon, Portugal and another in the Calderon Guardia Museum, in San José, Costa Rica. In August
2016, held an individual exhibition at Cayalá Gallery, in Guatemala and at Oxygen, Jorge Jurado Art
Studio, in Bogotá, Colombia and Labyrinths in Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi in Venice, Itay. In 2017 the MURB
(Contemporary Central American Art Museum, UNIS, Rozas Botrán) in Guatemala, dedicated an art room
only to my artwork. I participated in New York Art Expo in New York USA and in Arte en Mayo,
Fundación Rozas Botrán, Guatemala. I was awarded with the International Dante Alighieri Award in
Biennale La Peschiera del Garda, in Verona, Italy and the Caravaggio International Experience Award
in Palazzo Bramante, Piazza
del Popolo, Rome, Italy.



As the new physics in the Universe determined, two particles entangle if they are close together, then their properties become linked. Since Einstein revealed the reality of Quantum Entanglement beyond time and space, Universal entanglement is not just a Utopia. Art marketing turned the art institution in Dystopia, but in its deeper sense, Art has always been the Blue Print for and ideal human environment Utopia. For this reason, my drawings embroider life’s utopic sheet of paper intertwining my lines of intention. Sometimes we are ink, sometimes we are fractal beings, but always entangled. These are my lines of empathy that I propose within my art pieces. Let us draw and sew our roots to compassion and empathy, we are all the same, although our molecules are formed differently, and life is a long soft experience of Nature, as in my artwork, Stratford paper is the holder of this unanimous encounter, more than a Utopia, a declaration signed with lines of intention.


Alessandra Sequeira, ENTANGLEMENT V, acrylic ink on paper, 105 x107 cm. 2017.

When two systems enter into temporary physical interaction due to known
forces between them, and when after a time of mutual influence the systems
separate again, then they can no longer be described in the same way as before.


Alessandra Sequeira, WINDOWS OF THE INFINITE, acrylic ink on paper, 105 x 107 cm. 2017.
Every drawing is a window to the infinite, untangling universes.


Alessandra Sequeira, AGAPANTHUS, acrylic ink on paper, 107 x 107 cm. 2017.

Agapanthus is an entangled flower, also commonly known as the Lily of the Nile, African Blue Lily, and African Lily. Agapanthus flowers bloom in large, round clusters or umbels of blue, white or violet-blue, colors blooming all entangled


Alessandra Sequeira, GROWING NEBULA, acrylik ink on paper, 137 x 107 cm. 2017.

Small cosmic seeds can grow into big star systems deeply embedded in clouds of gas and dust, these are the growing nebula I draw.