Ne Cano

Ne Cano

Location: Spain

Ne Cano, Madrid 1966.
Architect by the Polytechnic University of  Madrid in 1991. 
Since then, she combines Architecture  with  Plastic Arts and   teaching. She trained with the painter Francisco Soto Mesa and has been awarded a scholarship in Italy by the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid.
Her works have been individually and collectively exhibited in different European countries and Miami (EEUU).

Awards  and exhibitions:
-Second Prize in the Competition of Ideas on urban furniture in the monumental city of Toledo, Spain, in collaboration with architects Picado-de Blas.
-Accesit-Second Annual Painting Competition 2010, Majadahonda, Spain.
- Exhibition COAM Cultural Foundation, Madrid, Spain,1992-94.
- Individual Exhibition “Windows art” Hall Alfredo Kraus, Madrid, Spain, 2010.
-Collective Exhibition “Prints meter” Madrid, Spain, 2010.
-Individual Exhibition Hall Volturno, Madrid,  Spain, 2013.
-Selected in the Contest Minicuadros XXXIV, Elda, Spain, 2013.
-International Affordable Art Fair,Brussels, Belgium,2013-14.
-International Art Fair Karlsruhe,Germany, 2013.
-International Art Fair Art3f, Lyon, France, 2013.
-Individual Exhibition Palacio Barrantes-Cervantes,Trujillo, Cáceres, Spain, 2013
-Price in the Constest Minicuadros XXXV, Elda, Spain, 2014.
-International Art Fair DonostiArtean, San Sebastián, Spain, 2014.
-Collective Exhibition Art Fusion Galleries. Miami Wynwood Art District, Oct-Dec 2014.
- Art Basel Miami Parallel Exhibit. December 2015.

Artist Statement:

“My compositions are based on repetitive elements that offer different interpretations of the same subject, through which dialogue geometry, surface, material and color, all powered by the light and shadow effects,  that give my work a sculptural aspect. They are living works inhabited by shadows; compositions with reliefs that become the stage of light and shadows. I’m searching sobriety, simplicity and balance…
Much Importance is given to geometry in the design of work: Squares as carriers that transmit balance and harmony; rectangles of aureal proportions in the background, and these repeated elements... series of horizontal or vertical towers following compositional criteria of architectural facade. Geometry within geometry. The monochrome paintings, which evolve to pure white, can approach the Italian Spatialism current and could be related to certain works of  the Spanish artist Gerardo Rueda, in what has been called Constructivist Abstraction.”


Wedge Series

ESP: En los últimos años investigo sobre los efectos plásticos de las cuñas, utilizadas como arquitectura. Me gusta diseñar cuadros a medida para espacios concretos. Cuadros pensados para un entorno concreto.
ENG: In the last years I investigated the plastic effects of wedges, used as architecture. I like to design custom frames for specific spaces. Pictures designed for a specific environment.

red and black “red and black ”

Dimensiones: 110x110 cm

Trujillo “Trujillo ”

dimensiones: 110x110 cm doble

dorado cuñas “dorado cuñas”

dimensiones: 110x110 cm

loreta detail “loreta detail ”

dimensiones 110x110 doble

loreta detail 01 “loreta detail 01”

dimensiones 110x110 doble

loreta detail 02 “loreta detail 02”

dimensiones 110x110 doble

summer 2016 “summer 2016”

dimensiones 110x110 doble