Kathleen Wong

Kathleen Wong

Location: Hong Kong

I am an Artist. In the late eighties, I studied Art and Design in Hong Kong.
Initially my main work was in graphic design.

Due to my job requirements I mostly used computers in my design work.
However, starting in 2013, I realized that I must find more time to continue my childhood dream of being a complete artist. So I explored using different media. Now I paint and create using oils, pencils, watercolors, and pastels. My preferred medium is oil on canvas, because it allows me to play with unlimited colors, layers, and different textures. I find this approach gives me the opportunity to convey emotions and to tell stories.

My creative fusion painting allows me to show life in all of its pain, beauty, joy, happiness and ugliness. My style also allows me to convey these feeling in nature subjects as well.

All my art represents my memories and my passion for life.

We live in a world that grows more stressful with each day. Art gives me a way to relax. At times, as I create, I feel like a bird that is totally free to fly in the wind.

Except for my use of canvas, I like to use discarded materials such as glass bottles, waste paper, plastics, and metals in my art. I do this to spread a green message.

I hope those who view my artwork will enjoy it, and understand a bit about my local culture.


Kathleen - oil on canvas "Animal"

I love animals.

The bed is mine! “The bed is mine!”

oil on canvas ~ 60x60cm

"The bed is mine!" This painting is about my pet. Since the death of my first cat. she became my second loved cat, Momo who is ferocious and overbearing, with black and white color. She likes to play with me, bite me and claw me. Sometimes she is very cute. Every day I come home, she rolls on the floor again and again.

She often sleeps on my bed or pillow. She thinks that the bed is belong to her, she never want to leave the bed or go to rest in elsewhere, she will bite me and warn me that "The bed is mine!"

Anyway, I love animals, I love cats, and Momo. I will cherish her and accompanied her until the end of her life.

Day and Night “Day and Night”

The bed is mine! ~02
oil on canvas
size: 70x50cm