Mac Titmus

My Art creates a world of extremes expressed through a dialogue of color and motion. Being a self-taught artist my skills have been refined through years of dedication and experimentation. I have always had a passion for devising techniques using photography innovatively. My art takes full advantage of the expressive opportunities digital art offers today’s creative photographer. Melding the techniques of classic photography with the exploding new frontier of digital imagery into a medium I call interpretative photography. A medium, which pushes photography in an exciting new direction, one that defies, rules and ignores limitations.


Art Expo NY

Entries for Art Expo NY - newest work all completed 2016. 36X26, Metallic paper under Acrylic

Impulse “Impulse”

Digital Expressionism, 36X36 on Metallic paper under acrylic

on the street “on the street”

expresses surrealistically the duplicity of the city through the mind of a homeless child

What goes around “What goes around”

expresses through the use of color and movement the turbulent explosiveness of relationships and betrayal

Steampunk Gone Soft “Steampunk Gone Soft”

Digital Expressionism, 36X36 on Metallic paper under acrylic

Submission of Evolution “Submission of Evolution”

Using the delicacy of the human contour and the vibrancy of the colors of nature to express symbolically the surrender of nature and the human spirit to the advancing force of technology

a rose for Amanda “a rose for Amanda”

a symbolic statement of innocence highlighted by the dreamy fetal figure of chastity cuddled by the shelter of nature

of Heaven and earth “of Heaven and earth”

expresses a symbolic statement on the deterioration of aging through the use of negative and positive images

ReBirth “ReBirth”

Symbolically describes the ecstasy as one emerges from the storm of addiction into the light of recovery

Urban Demise “Urban Demise”

Symbolically explores the process whereby a previously functioning society falls into disorder: morally, socially or physically

Bark of the Peacock “Bark of the Peacock”

lovely interplay using the natural colors found in the bark of a Peacock Eucalyptus

regret “regret”

As we travel through life, taking turns and making decisions we look back with the knowledge gained from experience. Regret for what could have been becomes a weight increasing proportionally with life. Through the use of color and symbolic imagery "Regret" explores that process and how our mind and life can become it's prisoner.

Isolation “Isolation”

Through the use of color and symbolic imagery "Isolation" explores the feeling of being different, being isolated and alone even while surrounded by crowds.