I am Born in 1957, Neftechala (Azerbaijan CCCR) graduated from high school.
1974 joined the Faculty of Education College of Fine Arts named after Azim -Azimzade (Baku) in 1975, was called to cooperate for the Soviet Army. 1975-1977 he served in the Soviet Army (Czechoslovakia).
1977 continued to further their studies in college-Azim Azimzade.
1981 finished my studies in college-Azim Azimzade.
Came to St. Petersburg (Russia) to live and learn more.
1988 was the first year student at the Faculty of Painting Academy of Fine Arts named after Ilya Repin. (St. Petersburg Russia) in 1994, finished his studies.
1997 due to a family situation came to the Netherlands.



the painting