Lanjar Jiwo

Lanjar Jiwo

Location: Indonesia

Brief biography

Lanjar Jiwo born in the city of Yogyakarta on 25 May 1975 in customs,traditions, strong Javanese culture and very feudalism,grew up in a devout Muslim family.Yogyakarta city center is a small city of art and culture in Indonesia,especially painting and made the city synonymous with life and cultural traditions of art,where a lot of artists from the region in throughout Indonesia studying and develop his art in this city with a very earthy art breath with many artist studios, places to learn about the art (sanggar), arts groups and an art gallery in this town grow.
in 1992 Lanjar Yogyakarta high school musical art (SMM) to learn about the art of music
although not until completed and in 1993 to continue his study of art
high schoolfine arts (SMSR) of Surakarta though also only one years.After try
learn more go to 1996 - ISI (Indonesian art institute) Yogyakarta At that time and the political situation in Indonesia are under the power of the Suharto New Order regime in power at that time many artists and group art with art as a tool to overthrow the shackles of the New Order regime, Lanjar actively joined the pro-democracy movement in against the power of the New Order 1996 founded the studio Lanjar edelwais and as chairman Yogyakarta in developing the arts in favor of the people, in 1998 the era of the fall of the authoritarian regime of Suharto's New Order became secretary general of the arts community hometown (K3H).

organizations active in the cultural movement in Yogyakarta with various aks the custom
Lanjar using art flyers, posters, comics as a medium resistance, liberation and awareness to the Indonesian society from the shackles of feudalism, militarism and global capitalism as a form of liberation art with cultural actions. about a decade in 2000 became chairman of the networks
culture people (Jaker) Yogyakarta,an organization that was banned during the Suharto regime, which form the cultural wing of the Democratic People's Party (PRD). and one of the artist is poet Widji Thukul lost before the post-Reformation in Indonesia in 1998 and have not been found until 2007 with the release of declared party unity of national liberation (Papernas) and due to internal factors orgaisasi culture Lanjar chose to move and develop his art in Papua is the area east end in indonesia to join in an organization non-governmental (NGO) that workshop in sliding Papua ,Papua culture, an association active in the field of arts and culture in particular as a facilitator of art and culture.her passion in Papua has inspired the existing customs in papua .

Lanjar Jiwo actively participated in various art exhibitions in indonesia.the art forward in favor of the People's art, the majority of Indonesian land that had been marginalized,in the vortex of life inhumane