Ősz Lucia Trancota

Ősz Lucia Trancota

Location: Hungary


oszgrafiks Ősz Lucia Trancota

Ősz Lucia Trancota,.Graduated in 1970 the from of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Timisoara.Scince 1970 works in drawings,etchings,litography
rotary screen printtings,graphic design,computer art ,Textil-graphic installation.
Exibition " The WAY POSTMODERNISM " Romanian and Slovakian Contemporary Art.Umelka Art Gallery,Bratislava.
Exibition MAIL-ART "Egon Shielle"Hungary win the NIVO" Award. Hungary
39th Mini Print International de Cadaques,Spain
10th,International Printmaking Biennial DOURO ,Portugal ,XXXth International Mail Art Exibition of Small Graphics " ROOTS",Inter -ArtAiud ,Romania

Hyperion “Hyperion”

2020 Hommage á Friedrich Hölderlin
.Hyperion is epistolary novel by Hölderlin. invisibile forces,conflicts
Hyperion is set in Greeace and deals with invisibile forces,conflicts,beaty and hope

Hyperion  1XX Structure “Hyperion 1XX Structure ”

Hyperion ...The war of Independence ends in defeat.!!

Hyperion 3XX  Structure “Hyperion 3XX Structure”

Independence ends..!!