Madhuri Mulukutla

Madhuri Mulukutla

Location: India


Passion for colour!

Colour mixing is an art in itself and when the mixing is on canvas its brilliant how the images take shape.

first one! “first one!”

The very first attempt at oil-painting.

rustic “rustic”

A forest in the backdrop of a village.

country side “country side”

umbrella-top restaurants!

waterfall “waterfall”

Beautiful emerald green background and a waterfall. Anybody up for a visit ?

song birds “song birds”

bird-house, song birds and colourful flowers

3D oil-painting with clay “3D oil-painting with clay”

3D oil-painting with clay

coffee painting “coffee painting”

an attempt at coffee painting

Bottle painting

re-using is sometimes the best thing for creating a decorative.

VAT-69 gone sexy! “VAT-69 gone sexy!”

VAT-69 bust without head.

VAT-69 again “VAT-69 again”

The back of the same bottle.

a mini cooper? “a mini cooper?”

does it look like a mini-cooper? supposed to have!

colourfully rustic nikka whiskey “colourfully rustic nikka whiskey”

colourfully rustic nikka whiskey made with white-cement/ ceramic like powder and acrylic colours.

nikka whiskey again “nikka whiskey again”

another of the four sides.

T-shirt painting!

Why not design your own clothes?

football “football”

where's it comin' from?

electric guitar “electric guitar”

love for guitars on tee


why not bags as well