Tony Esco

Tony Esco is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates transportive audio-visual worlds. His work fuses digital art, music, and creative coding into immersive experiences. He takes viewers on a journey through surreal landscapes, glitchy textures, and melancholic soundscapes.

Tony is inspired by internet art, retrofuturism, and youth culture. He explores nostalgia through a distinctly futuristic lens. Throughout his work, an atmosphere of wonder, contemplation and tranquility prevails.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Tony exhibits his digital art and performs his music at a variety of venues and festivals. He also teaches workshops on audio-visual arts to inspire the next generation.


Welcome 2 The Odyssey

Tony Esco's latest exhibition immerses visitors in his signature audio-visual environments. The show transports you through dreamlike digital landscapes paired with lush ambient soundscapes. As you navigate the galleries, you encounter large-scale projections pulsing with glitchy pixels and cascading data visualizations. Nearby screens display Esco's surreal 3D worlds in vivid colors and textures. The atmospheric beats and synth tones layered throughout the space complete the multi-sensory experience. Esco will also give a special performance during the opening night, treating attendees to a preview of his forthcoming album. This exhibition provides the rare opportunity to dive into Esco's one-of-a-kind creative vision from every angle - letting his art wash over you in sight and sound.