I am a long-time photographer, primarily covering nature/landscape; wildlife; fine art; and fashion genres. I live in Newport Coast, CA and thoroughly enjoy capturing images with Canon 5DS-R; Leica S; and Sony A7RII equipment. I am at home in the studio as well as in natural surroundings and believe that capturing the "decisive moment" is critical for expressing thought, feeling, and the depth of a subject or landscape as preserved in the camera's sensor.



These images were captured, all in natural light, in various global locations. The interplay of highlight and shadow, form and mood, color and tone, fascinated me and I was privileged to be able to permanently preserve each moment.

Teton Sunset “Teton Sunset”

This image was captured near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the Grand Tetons, at sunset

Yellowstone 1 “Yellowstone 1”

This image was captured in Yellowstone National Park in an. area of extreme volcanic and geyser activity.

Yellowstone 2 “Yellowstone 2”

This image was captured in Yellowstone National Park at sunrise, near Old Faithful geyser.

Yellowstone 3 “Yellowstone 3”

This image was captured in Yellowstone National Park, in an area of volcanic activity that heated mud and caused it to bubble and flow.

Colorado Hoodoos “Colorado Hoodoos”

This image was captured at sunset in the Colorado Rockies. It shows hoodoos, their form and beauty in a stark landscape.

Greek Monastery “Greek Monastery”

This image was captured on the island of Amorgos in the Cyclades region of Greece. It shows an ancient monastery, which is still in used, built into the hillside, overlooking the sea.

Kangaroo Island “Kangaroo Island”

This image is of a portion of the Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo island, South Australia, before it was destroyed by fire that swept the region. It shows a corner of the Lodge, with the beautiful, windswept beach and the Southern Ocean, at sunrise.

Outback at Sunset “Outback at Sunset”

This image was captured in the Outback of the Northern Territories, Australia, at sunset from camel back. The Kata Tjuga Mountains are in the distance, and the landscape is ethereal in its colors and intensity.

Utah “Utah”

This image was captured in the Arches National Park in Utah, with an extreme wide angle lens.

Yosemite 2 “Yosemite 2”

This image was captured in the winter in Yosemite National Park in California. It reveals the clarity of the sky, the frostiness of the snow and ice crystals on the famous landscape, and the interplay of shadow and highlight in the scene.

Uluru Pool “Uluru Pool”

This image of a water-filled depression was captured at the base of Uluru (Ayre's Rock) in the Northern Territories Outback in Australia, during a rare time of post-rain exploration. The brilliance of the colors, in an otherwise usually drab monochromatic and dry environment, were a joy to behold.


These images reflect captures of realistic and surreal compositions.