Kirill Arkadyev

Kyrill Arcadyev (1983) - writer and artist. Currently living and working in Moscow. For me the main thing in my work is to transmit emotion and make a puzzle. For those who do not want to think - emotions image. For those who want to dive deeper - puzzle.

I think that the genre of graphics in our time is not valued as it should. It is almost completely moved to the street art - graffiti. But not only on the wall can be the graphics!

My idols in the graphics - Alfons Maria Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrets and of course graphic of Salvador Dali.

PS All works on paper, gel pens. Size from A3 to A1


Black and Red

My classic graphics. Work with meaning, think and see more than you expected.

Petrichor “Petrichor”

There is a feeling, the smell that does not have an exact description. It happens before or after the rain and is called the Petricher. Comparing this with people, I wanted to show those who appear inexplicably in our life and disappear in the same way.