Christos K. Baloukos

Christos K. Baloukos

Location: Greece

Christos Baloukos was born in Athens in 1977, he is married and has one child, and he lives and works in Halandri.
He studied graphic design and as a professional graphic designer he owns BestPrint in Halandri, a company specializing in invitations (
He has undertaken many advertising projects in collaboration with Greek and multinational companies, but also with the public sector. For the last few years, he has also been making the graphics for many TV series.
He has loved painting since his early years, and he developed it next to exceptional artists.

In 2003 he made a great desire come true by visiting Mount Athos for the first time as a devout worshipper to witness what he had read for years in books. His love for this blessed land was such that visiting it once or twice a year could not satisfy his yearning.
So things developed themselves and the decision became a one-way thing.

“The emotions imprinted in my soul will be transferred onto canvass when I return to the world”.

This effort began immediately and lucrative work had to be done on a daily basis and during free time, which is always at night due to professional obligations. After many years of daily searching, hundreds of trials with a plethora of materials, he decided on oil paints with the exclusive use of a totally limited palette of 3+2 colours, no thinner and no brushes but a small spatula.
Each work of art is treated with love and respect and this should be transmitted to the visitor.


Paintings from Agio Oros - mount Athos