I am a professional artist from Belarus, Now living in NEW YORK. My education is in the arts. Subjects-drawings, painting,composition and design. I left art school in the city of Minsk. Belarus (1985),then finished art college after studying to be a designer of clothes in (1989), then went on to study to be an Interior Designer in (2005). After completing my degree at the, Belarus State University of Culture and Art (2009). This University is the best in the country and only a selective few are accepted. My Masters Degree was in, decorative and applied art. Specialization-batic (on silk). I have an Interior design studio based, Minsk Belarus ( (
I prepare my personal art for private exhibitions in Minsk. About myself.. I have good taste,I am well studied in the arts and the world history of Art. I consider myself a competent, formed and professional artist, I consider myself to be a very interesting person. I will let my pictures speak for themselves.
My work is my life and my inspiration.


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