Ica Havasi

Ica Havasi

Location: Hungary


Ica Havasi maiden name Ilona Markó

I was born on Kecskemét ,Hungary in 1950. Since 1972 I live on Szigetszentmiklós,on Hungary with my family.I was teacher. Initially I worked in the Szigetszentmiklós primary school, I studied at a pedagogic college on parallel with. Later I deal with dress planning.I was active in the business life .

Meanwhile artistic on himself student I was.

Bozsó János the landscape painter trusted me,he gave the paint brush into my hand.He said,I will paint onto canvas soon.The business life was replaced by the arts. The constant my creativity ,motivated. My first works they were graphics .But oil-painting the true magic.Diverse style and technique attracts, what I try to apply to my own abilities. On the beginning of my orbit my helpers the famous artist couple Dr. Losonci Miklós author , art historian , and Losonci Lilla paintress, who opinion said from my works , motivate onto the continuation .

My ideals Paál László, id. Markó Károly and Claude Monet.The miraculous word of colors and the affection of nature inspiration for me.I like realism,naturalism and impressionism style.My data, my reproductions can be found in ReBik Europeani Art Encyclopedia. I am member of Independent Hungary Salon Art Club.

I have had more than 70 individual exhibitons including:

Szigetszentmiklós,Community House;Ráckeve Savoyai Castle;Szentendre,Military Club;Budapest,Fatimai Church;Budapest,Stefánia Palace Gallery;Westend City Center;Sárvár Danubius Thermal Hotel; Balf,Medical-Castle Hotel;Hévíz,Danubius Thermal Hotel;Budapest,Margitsziget Grand Hotel;Sopron,Hotel Lõvér;Budapest,Hotel Gellért;Hotel Hilton int he Buda Castle;Budapest,Barabás Castle Businessmen’s Ball;Szirák Castle Hungary Ballroom;Papp László SportarenaReverence Association

In the my gallery more than 200 oil-painting,landscapes,still-lives and romantic paintings to be found.My works can be found in private collections inGermany,Switzerland and Canada. Hungary,

My Ars poetica:

”…, that let us understand it, we have to pay attention to the wind rumbling between the trees, onto of the splashing of the river, onto the light or of the bird of onto his song. These his words arouse something in your heart, which surpasses all knowledge.
Anthony De Mello