Brigitte Saugstad

Brigitte Saugstad

Location: Austria

Brigitte Saugstad studied ceramic art and design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under Prof. Matteo Thun. After completing her studies, the artist spent several months at the College of Art in New Delhi where she delved into the Indian mythology regarding the archetype of the ‘divine inner child’ — the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. Deeply moved and inspired by this experience, the artist has let him playfully dance through her hands over the years, and in all her works is woven this principle of the inner child — the embodiment of childlike joy, innocence and wisdom within.
Rather than provoke thought with her art, Brigitte Saugstad prefers to effect a state of thoughtless-awareness and release. The Italian art critic, Georgio Pilla, summarized Brigitte Saugstad’s art in the following words: “The nature of the works lies in the flowing movements, the gliding and the floating, that lend the sculptures and other objects an extraordinary impression of joy and lightness. At the same time the works radiate a strength and solidarity with the earth. It is this balance between dynamism and harmony that instantly attracts the observer and suffuses one with life.”
Born in Vienna, Brigitte Saugstad presently lives and works as an independent artist in Vienna and the countryside of Lower Austria.
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"the inner child"

He is the wonderful symbol regarding the archetype of the ‘divine inner child’ — the elephant-headed god, Ganesha- eternal child, joy, innocence and wisdom. Curiosity and fascination drive me to form this elephant out of clay.

inner child “inner child”

2017 25x25cm ceramic Raku, 23k gold leaf