Lynne Mcdonald

Lynne McDonald is an award winning, International, juried artist. She's lived in places including Montreal and California, but no matter where she's been, she keeps returning to Atlanta where she calls home. Each location has added to her eclectic and unique perspective. They've also furthered her interest in people and what makes them tick. “I prefer painting in abstracts, because I like the participation of the observer. It always amazes me what other people see in my work. I learn just as much about the viewer as they do me.”

Until she began painting full time, her professional life had always involved working with or representing a diverse group of creative and dynamic personalities. “I didn't feel confident enough to be the creative 'talent', but I understood them.” This constant stimulus and an innate calling to express herself creatively helped her build a career writing freelance, and painting random pieces during various crossroads of her Life.

Perhaps the biggest leaps forward and release of creativity were caused by two significant events in her life. The first being the birth of her son, followed by the tsunami of emotions during a difficult divorce, which forced her to face moving back to the United States, becoming a single parent and reentering the workforce. “The idea of abandoning my dreams and starting over sent me spiraling. I processed the feelings of betrayal, fear, letting go and rebirth in my paintings." The full well of emotions that these events allowed her to pull from propelled her creativity to new levels of expression.

A recent observer said, "Her art is intriguing, provocative and interesting and without doubt there are pieces that will stir the soul and move you".

Her work can be found in galleries, stores and online.


With The Flow

Recently I've entered a new phase in my work. I add different mediums to either inks or acrylic paints to create different viscosities and pour it onto the canvas. I handle the canvas from the sides or back. I don't use any tools or paintbrushes which is completely different from how I've worked in the past. In the past my work reflected my life. I tried to control my work and force an outcome. Life has a funny way of reminding us that we are, in fact, not in control.
I'm now exploring letting go of control and going with the flow. It's an exercise in not being attached to an outcome or preconception. Instead, I am completely in the moment when I paint. I have to be patient or I risk overworking the material. I help the flow of the different mediums and facilitate their reaction to each other, but I can't force it. As it dries it creates different textures so I can literally spend hours watching paint dry. It's my therapy… My meditation.
I always find it interesting what others see in my pieces. I often learn as much about them as they do me. I hope you like the end product as much as I enjoyed creating it.