Krystal Tiffany

Self taught over the years just picked up techniques and habits of what caught my eye and was appeasing of my own view. Mostly,I like to sketch with charcoal but I have been recently experimented with all paints and anything messy with my hands instead of a pencil to create art for my own happiness.

I find this to be incredibly personal and I know there are glorious works out there I could never fathom to create and this is the reason I hide all my art in my bedroom. But I am almost 30 now so I need to grow some courage sometime correct?

My daughter has been the one to tell me I should show off my own creations more often because she says I'm talented. She is the young painter in the first painting I uploaded.

Just taking this one step at a time and would love criticism and more knowledge from other artists such as yourselves. Honestly, I have a bigger imagination than my hand can tolerate and have been rusty. Art was my life in my early years.