Manisha Vedpathak

Manisha Vedpathak

Location: India

Manisha Vedpathak is a contemporary artist, Indian by nationality, who currently lives in Ghana, West Africa.
Art has been her passion since childhood but it was only after coming to Africa in 1994 , with husband and first child, that she started thinking of developing her artistic abilities. Her images have evolved over the years from realism to abstraction. Now abstracts, semi abstracts, figurative and occasionally nonrepresentational work are her fortes. Her recent series of artworks is a combination of figurative and abstracts.
Manisha continues to draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources. She says,"I am inspired by anything and everything in this universe" .Staying in Africa for almost two decades, the bold colors used in her work show the influence of African art. Her engineering background is seen through her use of geometric shapes. She believes that her paintings create positive vibes and bring the viewer the sense of joy she feels when painting them.
Manisha has exhibited her works internationally , in countries like USA ,Italy, Czech Republic and Ghana and is a listed artist in the Global Art Directory of London. She also had a gallery representation in Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York,USA.
Her work is found in private and corporate collections internationally. Manisha has been featured in:
1) November 2013 issue of the magazine “Women in Art278”, which is dedicated to showcase women artists from around the globe.
2) January 2014 issue of “Indian Talent Magazine”, an online magazine showcasing Indian artists.
Born in 1969, Manisha completed her B.E in Electronics in India and is now staying in Accra Ghana, along with her husband and two daughters.
Her work can be seen on her blog:


African impressions

I have stayed in Africa for more than two decades and have evolved as an artist on African land.
Hence there is a lot of influence of African culture and their art on my art. Here are a few of my paintings on African theme. To know more about these paintings and to see my other paintings, please visit my blog: