Kristina Rosenbecker

kristina Rosenbecker

Location: Sweden

Artist Biography

Kristina Rosenbecker was born in Bogatynia, Poland, in 1950.
Kristina was originally self-taught, then further educated at Orebro College of Art in Sweden. Her life has been filled with adventures that serve as inspirations to fulfill her inevitably artistic soul. Therapeutic healing has been a strong motivator in her work - uncovering strong colors, contrasting shapes and bold compositions characterize her art with experiences of hardship, strife and happiness.
Through paintings Kristina can express her creativity, which often takes her to places she only dreamed of: places that can expand her views. This allows her to share her internal and external world, which helps her to communicate and grow.
Kristina paints from life, whenever possible. Her concept is unique and varying. Her works affect people both in Sweden and abroad. She has studied art both in the US and in Sweden.

Artist Statement.
Kristina Rosenbecker

Since I was young, I dreamed of becoming an artist.
In my early years I had no chance to educate myself to become an artist, so when I finally had a chance to study at an Art School in Sweden, I felt that my dream finally would be fulfilled.
Through my art I can communicate my feelings to the world. It is a way to get away from everyday life and be in touch with myself. I am deeply interested in the inner world, which I want to explore and get to know. The soul of an artist is not always easy to live with, there are many feelings that can stifle one's soul.
There must be another way to get in touch with those feelings and I make it through art.
Through painting I can express my creativity, which often takes me to places I only dreamed of; places that can expand my views and that allows me to share my internal and external world, which helps us to communicate and grow.
If I would not paint, my soul would not be in peace and harmony. I look at the world as a limitless space, and reveal it in motion with the inner metamorphosis.
I want my art to transform and awaken emotions and minds of others. I want to paint, explore and share profundity as long as I live.