Mariana Rozados

Mariana Rozados

Location: Argentina

I channel energy through my hands to the artwork, I Paint the shape and colour's energy.
For me each artwork is a divine story, it's a message that I would Like to share.
Love us!
Nos amo!
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Being brigde

Description: This work was done with the intention of being a bridge between darkness and light. Giving as well, the opportunity to asleep beings crossing the bridge and flourish.
The artwork started with the intention of being oneself that bridge, though I received the opportunity, of sometimes crossing it and waking up .

The Path

Description: This artwork was presented at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art. This artwork is part of the Fibonacci sequence and from a deep spiral out surround and colorful shapes that express the vibrating energy at its most loving frequence. This is the way in which once you get in all that light energy enters with its respective protection.

Love interconections

Description: Based on the Fibonacci sequence and with the intent to transmit, from the bottom of the spiral, joy, love , prosperity, peace ; I surprised myself receiving everything I wanted originally transmitted.