Warren Jackson

My inspiration to create art began with the blessing to recognize the skills of artistry at a very early age, and copying my older brother's artwork at 5 years old. I dictate visual language relating specifically to realist paintings implying order and arrangements to produce competent works of visual response. Early instructions were given by Georgia Jessup and her daughter, cousins of mine, their instructions were intense, and motivative. During my years in college, Advertising & Design was my major. My goal was to design an exclusive Men's Wear Accessories line with my label, and to create wearable art by designing neckwear & hand painted scarves. This became a reality at the opening of my boutique . Mural painting in a couple of churches, became an admiration. I have exhibited at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in D.C., Montpellier Arts Gallery, Touchstone Gallery, Hill Center Gallery, exhibted at Latham & Watkins Law firm, received (3) Juror's Choice Awards. Solo exhibit at the Atkinson & O'Rourke gallery in IL. My medium choice is watercolor, because the paint require unique techniques, time and patient.


Restoration Series

Restoration is a collection of unique automobiles requiring some attention, or allowing the original condition to remain. The method used on these consist of abstract and impression mediums.

Restoration Garage “Restoration Garage”

The automobiles require some attention to detail, allowing the viewer to relate to the possibility of recondiction.

James Bond Find “James Bond Find”

Aston Martin DB4 an abstract of colors to describe the condition of the automobile.

Restoring for Race “Restoring for Race”

Ferrari Testa Rossa preparing for a historical race, and restoring the 1934 Ford for a show.

A Stroll Around D.C.

View in areas known and unfamiliar.

The Key “The Key”

Strolling down the Potomac River, in a canoe and basking at an icon structure

Goodies Ice Cream “Goodies Ice Cream”

A Washington, D.C. entrepreneur, with a cleaver reinvention of the past .

A Chance of Rain “A Chance of Rain”

On the familiar path to work , except with the challenging puddles, and a chance of rain