Subrata Chatterjee

Subrata Chatterjee

Location: India

My mother always told me that everything is perishable except " Truth and Beauty". Without a micro dot of escape, within the deep core of heart, she always satiated my thirst to know about art. She sowed the first seed of a beautiful sapling--- "Drawing" . My artistic venture is a soul gift of her. She was extremely introvert in nature and never disclosed her emotions. But, in solitary, often, she shared her deep feelings of higher spiritual practices and art with me. She discussed about abstract art, form beyond reality, juxtaposition of colour and finally practice and work. Abstraction within realism was her favourite subject.

Our scripture congegrated that, "The soul of art creations is the extraordinary pleasure that is derived ultimately from the relish of that supreme self which is gained from self realisation, akin to the self realisation of the Advaitins. It is through the part of emotional contemplation , at its highest level, one can attain such realisation. The true art creator is also a seeker of truth, and by virtue of creations, he attains the realisation of that supreme self."
-- An Out Line Of Painting by Ritabory Roy Moulik

Living in the age of Technology and Trade we have been ,constantly, chanelising even the last droplet of energy to empower commercial dynamo beyond limits. And, in the whirlpool of mullah and loss, the Academic flavour has been erasing rapidly.

I started my journey to try to get a "Linear Flavour" and relish the joy of Line and that will be a great Visual Impression.

Graduated in Arts (Calcutta University)
P.G.D.P.Sc ( Psychology)
Bachelor of Fine Art (in Painting), I.K.S.V

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Deep Impression

Name: Black Moon 1
Year of Execution: 2014
Medium: Acrylic on Paper Board
Size: 12" × 12"
(Original art work is in private collection)

Reflection of Moon “Reflection of Moon”

Name: Reflection of Moon
Year of Execution: 2014
Medium: Acrylic on Paper Board
Size: 12" × 12"
(Original painting is in private collection)

Quiet “Quiet”

Title: Quiet
Medium: Acrylic on Paper Board
Size: 22" × 22"
Not for sale

Dhyan Mouni “Dhyan Mouni”

This drawing is a symbolic representation of author's personal understanding about Yogas-- (Jnana , Karma, Bhakti and Raja Yoga).
Original drawing was published as Annual Souvenir's front cover of Ramakrishna Math, Barasat (West Bengal, India) in 2007.

Grandma's “Grandma's”

Title: Grandma's
Medium: Pen & Ink on paper
Year: 2014

Deep Engrossed “Deep Engrossed ”

This art work is based on study on Tantra vision of concentration. I have been going through deep study of Tantra (Theoretical and practical aspects ) and try to understand its core realisation.