Giancarlo Flati

giancarlo flati

Location: Italy

Giancarlo Flati was born in Aquila.
Winner of the Prize Michetti-Museum on 2005.
According to Claudio Strinati * “Flati is an artist endowed with great awareness. The balance he displays between the spontaneous flow of inspiration and the capacity to reflect on the work produced is a quality seldom found. While he has already been active for a good many years, there can be no doubt about the fact that his work fits in perfectly with the renewal of this new millennium. The master has in fact succeeded over the years in developing a highly personal style, deriving in part also from his specific experiences both in art and in science, to the point of bringing wholly spontaneous impulse into line with the results of intense reflection involving a convergence of psychological, metaphysical, technical and spiritual themes.”
It’s the subtle ad deep relationship between primordial Information and creative consciousness that represents the fertile ground and the substance of his artistic experience.

*In “Giancarlo Flati Intersezioni del Tempo”- Matteo Editore 2008.

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Ateliers: Via L’Aquila-Sassa 138 67100 L’Aquila. Italy
Via Raimondo D’Aronco 18 00163 Roma Italy


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