Cesar Valerio

Cesar Valerio

Location: Portugal

My father start as a stone masonry apprentice at the age of 13 and wen I was born he has 30 years old end running is on stone masonry …so I use to tell I beet weed mi head in a marble stone at birth .Ate mi 3 years old I was playing with mi brother out in the patio , running , and some way some how I just end hit with mi front head in the white marble stone door step … I don't know ho detains the record , but this day they give mi 9 points " stitches " …
I grow up in this village " Vila vicosa " in the center of marble stone felon , end I spent mi free time being the shad of mi father between marble stone quarries and stone masonry's , marble stone sculptures and artists … ate mi 14 hall school vacation was spent working helping mi father , just to win money for my boy things …ate 17 I quit school to start was a young stone mason , it take mi 10 years to be better than mi father , so to prove him at the age of 27 I start my career as a marble stone sculptor.

Growing up amid marble stone sculptures and artists led me to understand life as a passage for this wonderful planet on which we are an uncertain time.

My experience has stone mason leads me to do a very risky , hard to work and not replying pieces.

So let hear a mark for those who come may know I was already is this planet ,how do I felt life and lived , it is important , do it in marble stone will last for eternity .
The marble stone carving is very hard , and you must know it and know how to work it to make a good artwork.
Most of my artworks are feelings and mi better works really break mi hart .... Are moments in my life that marked me or marking as time goes on, and I try to let them carved in marble stone .
There are others pieces I was asked to do ... my passion for oriental art takes me to mix the abstract with florals .
As a human , culture and Japanese values ??fascinate me .......


Art and Marble stone

Portuguese marble stone artworks hand carved by Cesar Valerio.

Devotion “Devotion”

For those who like art in marble stone" Devotion " , a black samurai carved by the artist Cesar Valerio ...
Un bloc of hand carved portuguese black marble stone , Devotion measures cm 90 wide x 100 deep x 110 high , should weigh about 1500 kg ...

Fire Falcon “Fire Falcon”

Portuguese pink Marble stone

Kiss “Kiss”

Portuguese black Marble stone