Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones

Location: Australia

I came to be an artist in a completing surprising way, a little like winning the lottery so ten years later life as an artist and making art still fills me with amazement. Experiencing a Kundalini awakening brought me the gift of art and 'opened my eyes' to the unseen world. I threw away my career as a doctor and have been revelling in the art world ever since and absolutely loving it.
My favourite genre is portraiture with a special interest in the Aboriginal people of our country, Australia.

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The first step I take when creating a portrait is to establish a connection to the spirit of the subject and to invite in the divine presence to inform me along the way. Sometimes I invoke the presence of great artists of the past (Degas, Rembrandt, Georgia O'Keefe depending on the subject). May as well ask for a little help!