Jennifer Hannigan-green

My passion for art began at my grandparent's kitchen table many years ago. Together with my grandfather, we would draw pictures with crayons and markers of the world around us and characters that expressed how we felt. Today, I have traded my crayons for paintbrushes. I have earned a Bachelor of Art in Painting from Eastern New Mexico University and a Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University. When I am not painting, I work with elementary students, sharing my passion for art with tomorrow's future leaders (and buyers of art!). Although my grandparent's kitchen table now is the center piece in my own kitchen, I have never forgotten the importance of expressing one's ideas and the intimate connection we make when creating and viewing art. Art truly is not to be "understood" per say, but rather experienced with our minds, our hearts and our souls.


Family Life

These moments capture the journey together as a family from motherhood to friendship

Siblings...Peas in a pod “Siblings...Peas in a pod”

Siblings have a unique bond. When siblings are close, they create a relationship that surpasses any friendship. They enjoy each other's company; they have fun with each other; they connect with each. They are like peas in a pod.

Memories... of love “Memories... of love”

One of my earliest memories of my dad is when we were playing in a lake. He was right behind me, holding my hands as I kicked and played in the water. If I wobbled, he was there to hold me up. If I fell, he was there to help me. If I stepped away, he would let me go, but was always there to support me. Love connected us and allowed me to take on the world, knowing that he will be right behind me - just like he did was I was little.

Memories... of gold “Memories... of gold”

Thinking back on some of my fondest memories, there is always a hint of nostalgia. We overlook the cumbersome details and tend to focus on what brightened our day, our mood, our livelihood. The memories of my dad and me are no different. He often would tell me he wished he could put me in a glass box - protect me from the world and not allow be to grow any bigger. At the time, I thought he was being ridiculous, trying to "break out of his box" whenever I could. In hindsight, his "box" was merely his heart of gold bonding us together.  my prayers “ my prayers”

Prayer can be very powerful. It unites us with our Creator, brings us inner peace, and allows us to release our worries. When we pray, we are never alone. Our loved ones are in our prayers - always.

Always... holding hands “Always... holding hands”

After losing my grandmother, life must go on. Holding my son's hand, we walk together, but we are never alone. My grandmother is always there, too, holding our hands, squeezing them just like she always did to let us know she loved us.