Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams SA’s Premier Emerging Artist.His work can be found in private collections all over the world.


Dylan Williams is a successful entrepreneur, a highly talented fine artist, an experienced graffiti artist, an expert designer, an accomplished sculptor, a proficient illustrator, an innovative concept artist, a marvelous graphic novelist and a published author.


Born in Cape Town City, South Africa, Dylan is a leading artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of apartheid. Since childhood, he has treasured every moment drawing, around his home and even at school; he was constantly drawing as a way to express his emotions. Dylan studied at Mac Train in a formal graphic design established. There he absorbed the acute attention for form associated with visual design. After qualifying, he worked as a freelancer and only later did he start teaching him self the fine art of oil painting. After many years of painting on a part-time base and refining his skills, he decided to start selling his art.

Subsequently he enrolled in the Spier Arts Academy, where he discovered his unique artistic articulation. The lectures at Spier motivated him into realizing his authentic aptitude. The realization that his artworks are note worthy farther strengthened his resolve in becoming a professional fine artist and he focused on pursuing his dream of becoming a international renown professional artist. Dylan's exceptional art works are sought after and owned in private collection all over the world. He also supports aid organizations by donating his art and using his art to create awareness.

What Inspires Him
Art has played a major role in his life and it has transformation and liberated his spirit, he has always felt this void deep down inside him and no matter what, he always come back to art, it is the one constant thing in his life that he is extremely committed to! Most of his inspiration comes from all things natural; the mood of an environment and the figures in that environment. He enjoys creating sensual nudes and loves to show the inner emotions of people and that is why his figures have an essential spiritual sense, sometimes even abstract. He reveres the moments of inspirational reflection when his artwork takes on a life of its own. The Divine moves him as he glimpses the indescribable, a window into another existence. It is as if he receives acumen from a Divine Source and the result is an image that emanates and vibrates with emotion making a deep connection with a resonating soul, spreading light and love through his artistic works.


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