Angela Silipena

Inquisition and persistence are the reasons for my passion for photography. I am a visual artist, a professional photographer, and a graduate of Stockton University with an Undergrad in Community Health Education. I live in Richmond, Virginia. I am originally from New Jersey, USA.

At 26 years old, I bought my first camera. At 26 I started to read "David Copperfield". At 26 I learned about Frida Kahlo. I have spent endless hours and sleepless nights to create what I never imagined possible. I have never felt so alert to my senses after beginning my journey as a gung-ho self-starter. I put my life's savings and countless hours of frustration and enlightenment into what you see here today.

In February 2015 I set out personal goals for myself to find my passion. After two months I had 30 images submitted to Fine Art of America and established my first Art Gallery Contract and Merchandise in a Holistic Boutique Store located in New Jersey called The Bee Well. I care about wellness, happiness, and taking time to smell the flowers. I don't have a formal fine arts education, but I am continuously educated and inspired by the world around me.


- Angela Silipena


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