Dom Schunker

Dom Schunker

Location: Spain

expelled from school for having fun - design for movies - animation - darkside 3d - freedom



3d Scupltures/Paintings with a hint of darkside humour

One Night in Breaux Bridge “One Night in Breaux Bridge”

The local aliens of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana have figured out that the gases coming off the Breaux Bridge swamp have excellent healing properties for their skin. They haven’t managed to synthesise it yet so once every few weeks they have to send a few ships to make a low pass over the swamp to collect the precious gas. They realised from the start that the local swamp beasts, the Sentens, tend to object to this late night flyover and so they lie in wait. They always get one or two and the aliens always get enough of their gas.

If the local humans guess the right night, they slip along quietly, lay low and witness the turkey shoot. There have been occasions of people being nailed by Sentens and aliens so it’s a kind of rite of passage for the young humans.

Concept Re-Evaluation “Concept Re-Evaluation”

In 2004, the inaugural Maasai Bush Bar and Cocktails open day near Samburu in Kenya presented a few teething troubles with the overall concept. The idea was temporarily shelved although a good time was had by all.