Thorn, Marie-paule

Thorn, Marie-Paule

Location: Canada

As a youth, Marie-Paule lived in several countries of Northern and Equatorial Africa, as well as in France and in the United Kingdom. She also traveled to Spain, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico before settling in Canada. Each region left indelible images that often re-emerge in her paintings. Although fond of most forms of art, she creates still images with acrylics or oil, digital photography or line drawing.

Style and themes
Marie-Paule is a keen observer who recalls an impression or an emotion to explore a theme that may constitute the next work of art. When painting, or manipulating digital photography, she likes to explore geometrical designs, composition and juxtaposition of colors to enhance a visual dominance in the picture. It can be the texture of an old wall, the reflection of water or sky, the silhouette of a man-made object or an element of nature against an abstract or semi-abstract background.

Art Education
Marie-Paule is primarily self-taught, although she has attended workshops in drawing, printmaking and photography. She continues to explore new techniques. Dialogues with other artists and her own sense of observation keep her mind in a constant learning mode.

Artist’s Statement
“My totem is the humming bird.” says Marie-Paule. “I look for the essence of a subject and bring up what is in my mind its dominant feature, at times bright and fanciful, other times peaceful and contemplative.”



Artwors created in acrylics or oil on canvas, when I am in a painterly mood,

When There Is Light “When There Is Light”

Longing for Spring to come after a long, cold winter in Canada

Full Bloom “Full Bloom”

Longing for Spring to come after a long, cold winter in Canada. Wild Flowers are my favourite.

Trees for a Song Bird “Trees for a Song Bird”

A Chinese proverb that says "If you let a tree in your heart then, may be, a song bird will come" was the inspiration for this painting

Northern Comfort “Northern Comfort”

Beautiful inukshuk found on the grounds of Rideau Hall, residence of the Governor General of Canada

Dawn “Dawn”

Imaginary landscape and reflections

Lapis “Lapis”

Dyptyk (canvas # 1) inspired from Tiffany designs

Lazuli “Lazuli”

Dyptyk (canvas # 2) inspired from Tiffany designs

Mid Morning Sun “Mid Morning Sun”

Southern French countryside

Spring Thaw “Spring Thaw”

Imaginary landscape inspired by our Canadian winter

Tulips “Tulips”

The tulip festival in Ottawa is short-lived and always a cause for celebration


Digital Exercises on my I-Pad

Happy Ancestor “Happy Ancestor”

Roaring Twenties beauty.

Christmas Morning “Christmas Morning”

My 2022 Christmas Card Design

Halloween “Halloween”

My 2022 Halloween design

August “August”

August page design on my calendar

Autumn “Autumn”

2022 Autumn in the Outaouais region of Quebec

September “September”

September page for my calendar. A lovely mild and mellow month in the Outaouais region of Quebec

Crater “Crater”

Abstract exercise #1

Far Afield 01 “Far Afield 01”

Abstract exercise # 2, also available in other colours

Far Afield # 2 “Far Afield # 2”

Abstract Exercise # 2. Also available in different colours

Wading In #1 “Wading In #1”

Abstract landscape from the marshlands of southeastern France. Also available in the colours.

Wading In # 2 “Wading In # 2”

Abstract landscape from the marshlands of southeastern France. Also available in the colours.

Just For You “Just For You”

One of my birthday card designs

Safe Return “Safe Return”

I love Canada geese and await for their return every Spring.


Artworks created in mixed media on canvas or paper.

A Thorn with a Rose “A Thorn with a Rose”

Enjoying playing with my name and the famous proverb

African Rhythm “African Rhythm”

African memories. miseducating media on 36" x 24" canvas

Brocade “Brocade”

Canvas imitating the look and fill of brocade, a material often used for celebratory garments. Mixed media on 24" x 24" canvas.

Golden Harvest “Golden Harvest”

Mixed media on paper for Thanksgiving

I Caught A Dream “I Caught A Dream”

Collage on paper

The End Of Summer “The End Of Summer”

Mixed media created on the day i bring my hibiscus back inside, as it would not survive a Canadian winter.

Piero “Piero”

Collage on canvas, in the shape of one of my abstract designs

In Memoriam “In Memoriam”

In loving memory of those who succumbed to Covid. Artsors created with light moulding paste on canvas.