Sumiyo Toriizuka

Sumiyo Toriizuka

Location: Japan

I am a modern artist. My teacher is Shozo Shimamoto.
I have exhibited for Venice Biennale2005.
A work was introduced inClos Luce castle of France in last October and was displayed recently in MALL GALLERIES of London in this February. A work is displayed this year in Chiostro del Bramante of Rome, Italy in September. In addition, I participate in Milan World Exposition.
In October, it is displayed in The Manes Exhibition Hall of Prague.
My site is


Encounter with the teacher

A friend suggested to me who worked in the travel agency to describe a painting.
I made much of the exhibition of a lot of present conditions afterwards when I would say and looked for it to exhibit for an exhibition with much effort there was the primary examination with documents, and it was what University of Arts native place than a work, or what kind of prize you took.
I who did not graduate from a pro-art school looked for the place that could exhibit regardless of a career earnestly.
I knew that there was a modern art exhibition not to watch a background in Sendai and applied immediately.
The sponsor of the exhibition was Shozo Shimamoto who was the present teacher.
After an exhibition, one letter which changed my life arrived in a few minutes.
The sender was from Shozo Shimamoto.
The way as my artist began at this time