Buff Holtman

Born and raised in Iowa, I've been an Oregonian since 1970. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother.

In recent years I've tried my hand with different art processes, but my favorite is mixed media, especially using acrylics and paper collage on canvas.

At times I know exactly what I want to do
and other times I'm as surprised as
anyone what surfaces. But no matter how
or what, it's always fun!


2015 Mixed Media

This year my main process is and will be mixed media which includes image transfers, collage, and pouring paint.

512 “512”

The is an image transfer of the house of my childhood in Iowa. Using acrylic paints I defined the details of the house and surrounding area.

Collage Queen “Collage Queen”

A critique group challenge was to create a composition using only the objects found in a box from another artist. The only other art items that could be used to create was glue and paint.

My box had black matt squares, watercolor painted circles and tissue paper. In the commercially printed marbled tissue paper I saw a profile and from there created this figurative composition.

For Lease “For Lease”

A factory in the NW industrial section of Portland stands empty as the surrounding area is being gentrified. Image transfers were used to create this composition.

Paris Collage “Paris Collage”

Myriad French images were used to compose this collage while torn black painted tissue paper was used to form the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower “Eiffel Tower”

This painting was created by pouring paint onto watercolor paper and then using an image transfer to create the images on top of the painted surface.