Toomas Altnurme

Toomas Altnurme is an Estonian sculptor, painter, photographer, designer and computer graphic artist( He is known for his large-scale, abstract sculptures that often incorporate elements of nature and the environment( His work is characterized by a sense of movement and fluidity, as well as a strong connection to the natural world( He has participated in many sculpture symposiums around the world and has sculptures in public spaces and parks in various countries( He is also a member of several art associations and networks(

There are many possible ways for Toomas Altnurme to sell his art, depending on his goals, preferences, and resources. Some of the common options are:

• Online platforms: There are many websites and apps that allow artists to showcase and sell their art to a global audience, such as Etsy, Saatchi Art, Artfinder, Fine Art America, etc. These platforms usually charge a commission or a fee for their services, but they also provide exposure, convenience, and security for both artists and buyers. Online platforms are especially suitable for selling smaller works, such as paintings, photos, prints, or digital art.

• Galleries: Galleries are physical spaces that display and sell art to collectors and visitors. Galleries usually have a curator or a manager who selects the artists and the works to be exhibited. Galleries also take care of the marketing, promotion, and logistics of selling art. However, galleries also charge a commission or a fee for their services, which can vary depending on the gallery's reputation, location, and policies. Galleries are especially suitable for selling larger works, such as sculptures or installations.

• Art fairs: Art fairs are events where artists and galleries showcase and sell their art to a large and diverse audience. Art fairs usually take place in big cities or popular destinations and attract many visitors, collectors, curators, critics, and media. Art fairs can provide exposure, networking, and feedback for artists, as well as potential sales. However, art fairs also require a lot of preparation, investment, and competition from other artists and galleries. Art fairs are suitable for selling any kind of work, but they also depend on the theme and the quality of the fair.

• Self-organized exhibitions: Self-organized exhibitions are events where artists display and sell their art by themselves or with other artists. Self-organized exhibitions can take place in any venue that is available and affordable for the artists, such as studios, cafes, libraries, schools, parks, etc. Self-organized exhibitions can give artists more freedom, creativity, and control over their work and their prices. However, self-organized exhibitions also require a lot of planning, promotion, and management from the artists themselves. Self-organized exhibitions are suitable for selling any kind of work, but they also depend on the location and the audience of the exhibition.

These are some of the common ways for Toomas Altnurme to sell his art. Of course, he can also combine different options or explore other possibilities that suit his needs and preferences. The most important thing is to create high-quality work that expresses his vision and style and to find the right market and audience for his work.


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