Gujjarappa Bg

Gujjarappa BG

Location: India

I did MA in history and accidentally went into cartooning. I was a professional cartoonist all through my life. I did not go to any art school, from my childhood days I had been drawing on my own. I started my career as a lecturer and switched to work as a cartoonist for a weekly. Then went on to daily. I worked in the print media for over sixteen years and came into multimedia as a graphic consultant. Over a period of 25 years I have illustrated over 1000 books for children and various assorted books. I have also written, illustrated and published six children books. My caricatures have been syndicated to a very popular syndicate. My comics strips without captions had been syndicated to over 25 news papers. I done commissioned caricatures of Prime ministers, Chief ministers and CEOs of many companies. I love spot caricaturing.

Unique themes, strong lines, order and harmony in forms, related color schemes, inter-connectedness of the human form and natural elements, universal love – all are characteristic of Gujjar’s style. He draws his inspiration from the early masters of modern art; the Bengal and the Bombay school of paintings and blends them to give a distinct flavour that does not find catagorization. The free spirit that he is, Gujjar likes it that way. As a true student of mother nature and the arts, Gujjar says he is discovering something new every day and his best is yet to come.


gujjarappa bg paintings

I love painting. Which I have been doing all my life and I dont do anything else other than painting and drawing.

girl on a horse “girl on a horse”

I love working with acrylic and with thick lines.

mumbai “mumbai”

this is a painting about Mumbai and its complicated life.

Fisher women “Fisher women”

This painting is about women in India who go for carrying fish.

Study “Study”

This is one of my favourite painting.

Odd Couple “Odd Couple”

This is a figurative.

Kidnap “Kidnap”

I loved working on this painting.

Romance “Romance”

This painting is on paper in acrylic.

Back from work “Back from work”

Acrylic on paper

Bathing “Bathing”

Acrylic on paper

Elightenment “Elightenment”

Acrylic on paper

Prayer “Prayer”

Acrylic on paper

Rainy day “Rainy day”

Acrylic on paper

Holding bull “Holding bull”

Acrylic on paper

Bull “Bull”

Acrylic on paper

Friends “Friends”

Acrylic on paper

control “control”

Acrylic on paper

Gossip “Gossip”

Acrylic on paper

Thirsty horse “Thirsty horse”

Acrylic on paper

Girl with book “Girl with book”

Acrylic on paper