Location: Ukraine

I born in St-Petersburg (Russia). Now I live in Kharkov-city. I am journalist, writer and inventor. The several books, patented industrial samples, inventions and trade mark author. In the autumn 2011 participated in Moscow in painting exhibitions "Live dreams" and "Russian Art Week". In painting competition on "Russian Art Week" with the picture "Venetian carnival" I has won first place in a category "profi", in "abstract" nomination. The German Art Week-2014 in Berlin winner. My favourite painting art style is abstract, fantasy, realism, surrealism. --



Firebird “Firebird”

abstract, fantasy, 2011, oil, canvas, 60x80 cm

Venetian carnival “Venetian carnival”

abstract, fantasy, 2011, oil, canvas, 55x67 cm

Blossome cactus “Blossome cactus”

abstract composition, fantasy, oil, canvas, 2011, 30x40 cm

Sprinter “Sprinter”

abstract, fantasy, sprint, start,sport, 2014, oil, canvas, 55x67 cm