Carrier Roca


Location: France

However warm and poetic, Carrier Roca's artwork was created using original technical processes and materials, mostly for the building industry of today, which he reinterpreted for his artistic expression. This unique approach prompts us to place this mixed media artist among the most original creators of the early 21st century.
In aesthetic terms, magic and spirituality mingle in each bas relief, backed up by a moderately chromatic palette.

Although movement is one of the major concerns of Carrier Roca, it should be noted that his characters dance in a space without gravity or vanishing point; but this space is nevertheless not without depth.



"Fluide comme les flots, attractive comme un parfum, chaque composition nous ouvre une fenêtre sur un chemin différent, mais toujours proche de l’évanescence d’un rêve. Ainsi, Mendelssohn nous a fait ressentir le trouble du "Songe d’une Nuit d’été", Albert Carrier Roca nous en dévoile le ballet visuel qu’il inspire."

Christian Germak