Diane Howe

Diane Howe

Location: Ireland

I am a self taught Artist working mainly in Oils. I occasionally work in Acrylics and Pastel but usually come back to my chosen media of Oils.

I have exhibited in various galleries in the UK and USA during the 80s and 90s. I also took part in a number of Wildlife competitions and exhibited with a wide variety of charities.

I moved to live in Ireland in 2007 and now focus mainly on Equine or Landscape art. I do still paint wildlife but not as much as I used to.

I enjoy helping other artists to learn new techniques as I believe we all continue to learn throughout our art careers.

I take private commissions and am happy to paint any subject.



This portfolio features some of my wildlife paintings. Most of them are oil paintings, one of them is in Acrylics. All the paintings in this portfolio are for sale. I ship world wide and if you don't see an image you like please get in touch with me and we can discuss having a painting of a subject that you would like me to do.

Gorilla in natural habitat “Gorilla in natural habitat”

This gorilla is from a series I did on Mountain gorillas over 10yrs ago. It features one of the group males sitting surrounded by the lush vegetation.

'Strollin' “'Strollin'”

This painting is in Acrylics as I wanted really bright colours for this one. I had decided to paint the bear in full sun so that I could play around with the Sunlight and Shadow effects. The painting measures 22" x 24"

Kingfisher “Kingfisher”

This oil painting is of a Kingfisher sitting on a branch in the shade. The background colour was deliberately chosen to highlight the bright colours of the bird.

The painting measures 11" x 14" and is for sale.


This portfolio contains some of my horse paintings that are still available for sale. Most of them are painted in Oils on Canvas/

William “William”

This painting features one of my favourite Irish/ Gypsy cob horses. At the time of this painting William was a stallion but has since been gelded. He is a stunning horse with a wealth of mane and tail.

Chestnut head portrait “Chestnut head portrait”

This oil painting features a beautiful chestnut show horse. The painting measures 12" x 16" and is on canvas.