Frances Clancy

Frances Clancy

Location: Canada

Most of my artistic life has been spent as an illustrator. I have painted many images for childrens' books, text books and magazines. A few of the publishers I have worked for are Annick Press, Ginn and Company, Irwin Publishing, Kids Can Press, Lorimer, and Why Magazine. I have created package designs, flyers, logos, sales promotional materials and web pages.

My real passion lies in painting. The challenge of bringing an image in my mind to life on the canvas or paper is most enjoyable. It's even more pleasing when someone else feels the same way about something I have created and wants to take it home.

My abstract paintings are inspired by science journals, photos from space and imagined energy.

The landscapes are my way of being grateful for our surroundings. When an image sticks in my mind, I feel the need to paint it. Sometimes the landscapes are imaged or remembered from a dream.

My portraits see each person in their best light. That is important to me. Over the years, I have had many comments about that, with people thanking me for using a flattering image. I have created portraits for board rooms, a hall of fame, award ceremonies and the Economic Summit that took place in Toronto in 1988.

My latest series entitled "Whimsical" consists of paintings with recognizable buildings in the background with stylized characters in motion, in the foreground.