Artist Statement: I like to experiment. Usually I let the painting in progress speak to me suggesting which direction to take it. The result seems to pull upon memories and feelings as colors, shapes and their relationships emerge. Once I decide on a direction to go,I study and choose carefully in order to achieve that vision. Betty Jameson

Betty Jameson Biography

Nature is the focus of much of my work where I experiment with impressions of nature. I like to use metaphors to convey my intent. I also like experimenting with color to see how certain colors set up a vibrancy. Successful paintings happen when everything works. They are the product of years of thought and practice and a few hours of inspiration.

I received my bachelor of arts degree in art education at the University of Puget Sound and my MA degree in creative expression from the University of Hawaii. I studied at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and two years for my MFA at Georgetown University in Washington DC. I have taken many workshops by national recognized water media teachers and artists.

Media: Water Media/Mixed Media/Collage

I have received many honors and awards with two recent ones being a First Pace in the 30th Anniversary Spring Membership Exhibit at the Mable House Art Center in Mableton,GA, and a Second Place $400. award at a juried show for the San Antonio Watercolor Society. I was awarded a $250 Naysmith Award from the Southern Watercolor Society. My work was recently featured on the cover of the Arts and Gallery Guide in Steamboat Springs, CO. I was published in Watercolor Magic magazine with a 4th place award and accepted into the 136th American Watercolor Show in NY City. Other awards include a Best of Show and several First Place awards in Waterloo Watercolor Shows. Also awarded was a Best in Show by the Corpus Christi Art Guild April 2012.

I have illustrated two children's books, "A Dragon A Day" and "Your Magical Party". Two examples and explanations of my

abstract work are included on a CD featuring 40 artists entitled " A Walk into Abstracts, How Did They Do That?" compiled by Sue St. John. Her book,"A Journey Into Abstracts" with a painting and explanation of my work was published in 2012.

Publications: Watermedia Showcase $100. 4th Place Award Abstract Division, Published in Watercolor Magic Aug. 2005. Foro 8, Texas, November 2000 issue, Austin, TX; article featuring 6 artists in October 2000 Artists’ Harvest Show, Austin, TX. Painting, Autumn Snow selected for the 1999 Artists’ Harvest invitation card, Painting, Chinese Lantern Flowers on the cover of Holistic Resource International Magazine, fall 1996. Painting, Broken Form, published in the Central Coast Art Guide, Los Osos, CA, spring 1990. Mentioned in Michael Barnes Art Review, Austin American Statesman, Austin, TX, December 23, 2000. Illustrated a children’s activity book, "A Dragon a Day", published by Menehune Press, Honolulu, HI, 1974

Shows/ Honors: (2003 to present)

Accepted: AWS 136th International Exhibit, New York, 2003
Accepted: ISEA “Gross Innovations” Exhibit, Beverley Art Center, Chicago, 2003 and Cynon Valley Art Museum, Auberville, Wales 2004-2005
Accepted: National Collage Society 21st Annual Juried Exhibit Butler Institute of American Art Salem Ohio 2005-Jan.14, 2006 Burnham Family Memorial Award: Eastern Washington Watercolor Society, Richland WA, 2002
Gold Award: Eastern Washington Watercolor Society, Richland, WA 2003
Gold Award:San Antonio Watercolor Group, San Antonio, TX, 2003
Best of Show: Waterloo Watercolor Group, Austin, TX, 2003
Best of Show:New Braunfels Art League, New Braunfels, TX 2003
Cliff Segerblom Memorial Award:Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Las Vegas, NM, 2003
Award of Distinction:Missouri Watercolor Society Members’ Invitational, Fulton, MO, 2003
Membership Award :First Frontier Collage Society, Ingram, TX 2003
First Place Award:“Chill Out” Art Show, Rockport, TX, 2004
First Place Award:River Art Group, San Antonio, TX 2004
Merchandise Award:Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Surprise, AZ, 2005
Award of Merit & Traveling Show:Texas Watercolor Society 56th Annual Exhibition, San Antonio, TX, 2005
Purchase Award:Concordia University, Austin, TX Arte Sagrado, April, 2005
Daler-Rowney Merchandise Award:Southwestern Watercolor Society 42nd Annual Exhibit, Richardson, TX 2005

MGrahm & Co Merchandise Award:Watercolor West XXXVII, Riverside,CA. 2005
Camlin Merchandise Award:Missouri Watercolor Society Member’s Invitational, Columbia, MO, 2005
First and Second Place Award:Richardson Civic Art Society 40th Regional Show, Richardson, TX 2006
Windsor Newton Merchandise Award Southern Watercolor Society 29th Regional Exhibit, Glenn Allen,VA 2006

Merchandise Award:Golden Acrylics Merchandise Award: Artists Showplace Exhibit, Artists Showplace Gallery,Dallas,TX 2005-2007
Wichiita Women Artists Cash Award:Kansas Watercolor Society Exhibition,Wichita Art Museum,Wichita,KS 2006

Artoberfest First in First in Media Award : Artoberfest, New Braunfels, TX Oct.4-Nov.16,2006
Daler Rowney Merchandise Award: Southwestern Watercolor Society 42nd Annual Exhibition, Richardson,TX, 2005
Artoberfest Second in Media Award: Artoberfest, New Braunfels, TX, Oct.-Nov., 2007 and Oct.-Nov. 2008
Windsor Newton Merchandise Award: Missouri Watercolor Society’s Members’ Invitational, Columbia, MO, 2007 Solo Show Artists in Bronze Award: San Antonio Watercolor Group, San Antonio, TX, Oct.-Nov., 2007
Second Place Cash Award: Richardson Civic ArtSociety 42nd Annual Regional Exhibition, Richardson, TX, March, 2008

Third Place Cash Award: South Cobb Arts Alliance, Mable House Art Center, Mableton, GA, April-May, 2008
First Place Award: Waterloo Watercolor Group 30th Anniversary Juried Spring Membership Exhibit, Austin,TX, April,2008

Golden Merchandise Award: Montana Watercolor Society National Art Competition, Big Fork, MT, Sept., 2008
Third Place Award: River Art Group 61st Annual Competition, La Villita, San Antonio,TX Oct., 2008
First Place Award: River Art Group 62nd Annual Competition La Villita,San Antonio, TX, Oct., 2009
$400. Second Place Award: San Antonio Watercolor Group Spring Juried Competition April-June 2009
Neysmith Award:Southern Watercolor Society 32nd Annual Exhibition, Columbus,GA,June,2009
Third Place Award:Waterloo Watercolor Group 31st Annual Juried Spring Membership Exhibit, Austin, TX, May,2009

Second Place Award: River Art Group 63rd Annual Competition La Villita,San Antonio,TX,Oct.,2010
First Place Award: Waterloo Watercolor Group Fall Juried show Oct., 2010
Merit Award $330.: Louisiana Watercolor Society 41 Annual International Exhibit,May, 2011

Merit Award $150: Missouri Watercolor Society Members' Exhibit Oct., 2011

Best of Show: Corpus Christi Art Guild Competition April, 2012

Honor Award: "Imagine" Round Rock Art Guild, Texas State University, Round Rock, TX February 23-May 17, 2013

First Place and Honor Award: Wind River Art Guild 64th national Fine Art Show Dubois, WT July 20-28,2013,River Art Group 66th

Annual Art Show Third Place Award La Villita, San Antonio, TX October 5, 2013; First Place Award 2014

People's Gallery in the Austin City Government building,two paintings selected for February,2014-February 2015; Won Georgetown Texas Red Poppy Festival Poster Artist for 2014

Won Wine Label Competition 2004-2005-2006 Messina Hof Winery 4545 Old Reliance Rd. Bryan,TX, 77909

Watercolor and Experimental Society Signature Memberships:

Missouri,Southern,Southwestern,Taos,Texas,Montana Watercolor Societies,Watercolor West, International Society of Experimental Artists

Solo Shows: Action Gallery: 111 Main Street, Smithville,TX, Jan. 2007
Corpus Christi Art Guild Gallery,Corpus Christi.TX Jan.2013

Galleries: River Art Group Gallery,La Villita,San Antonio, Authenticity Gallery,Austin 2008-2011,Austin Artspace Gallery,Austin, North Hills Gallery, Austin


Betty Jameson Art

Water media art on watercolor paper and yupo sometimes including collage and watercolor sprayed on paint.

Pages “Pages”

Pouring liquid acrylic primary colors over torn rice paper strips then gluing those dried strips back on created the image.

Creased and Folded “Creased and Folded”

1. Webbing wound around push pins over yupo is sprayed with watercolor colors.
2. A magazine page crinkled,mashed and folded is explored using a viewfinder for a design.
3. Acrylics applied with roller and brush recreate the design on the 29X21 yupo.