Hans Fahrmeyer

I was born in Bochum, Germany. I trained at an early age as a house painter. Eventually I left Germany and traveled throughout Europe and Asia, making my first visit to the U.S. in 1979 and settled in New York in 1984. I than established a photography studio in the Lower East Site where I specialized in portraits, body and fitness photography, stage productions especially opera, and special events. Besides my three published books, Colors of Men, Between Men And Women, and Between Men, my work has appeared in numerous international publications, including Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Men's Workout, Men's Fitness, Playgirl, Madame, Connoisseur and numerous European publications.



Mud Paint on a nude Body

016 COLLAGE-004 “016 COLLAGE-004”

Black Man nude torso

022 COLLAGE-001 “022 COLLAGE-001”

Men's Couple in Nude cover with Mud

022 COLLAGE-002 “022 COLLAGE-002”

Men's Couple in nude wrestling

029B COLLAGE-001 “029B COLLAGE-001”

Men multi exposure

034 COLLAGE-006 “034 COLLAGE-006”

Men in Nude Negative view

034 COLLAGE-007 “034 COLLAGE-007”

Men in Nude gymnastic

035 COLLAGE-001 “035 COLLAGE-001”

Portrait of Men with Mud

035 COLLAGE-002 “035 COLLAGE-002”

Stature in Nude with Women in Nude

040 COLLAGE-001 “040 COLLAGE-001”

Black men coverd in Mud

045 COLLAGEE-001 “045 COLLAGEE-001”

White Men screaming

052 COLLAGE-001 “052 COLLAGE-001”

Portrait of Guy with Mud Covered Face

059 COLLAGE-003 “059 COLLAGE-003”

Body Sculpture of Men in Mud Covered

059 COLLAGE-004 “059 COLLAGE-004”

3 Face of Men in Mud Covered

067 COLLAGE-002 “067 COLLAGE-002”

Latino Brothers in double vision

071 COLLAGE-002 “071 COLLAGE-002”

Men in Nude wrapt in Plastic

072 COLLAGE-004 “072 COLLAGE-004”

Body Pant on Men

072 COLLAGE-005 “072 COLLAGE-005”

Body Pant on Men

072 COLLAGE-006 “072 COLLAGE-006”

Portrait of men in Clay

082 COLLAGE-002 “082 COLLAGE-002”

Leather Men Portrait

084 COLLAGE-002 “084 COLLAGE-002”

Two men in the Shower Military Fucking

086 COLLAGE-001 “086 COLLAGE-001”

Muscle Men Showing of

090 COLLAGE-002 “090 COLLAGE-002”

Men on the Couch

095 COLLAGE-001 “095 COLLAGE-001”

Black men in a wrapt up

104 COLLAGE-004 “104 COLLAGE-004”

Couple super imposed in Nude

104 COLLAGE-005 “104 COLLAGE-005”

Couple super imposed in Nude

141 COLLAGE-001 “141 COLLAGE-001”

Latino in Nude in a Swirl

143 COLLAGE-001 “143 COLLAGE-001”

The Eyes and the Butt

149 COLLAGE-001 “149 COLLAGE-001”

Water Images of a Men

161 COLLAGE-003.JPG “161 COLLAGE-003.JPG”

Men and Women Nude

161 COLLAGE-002 “161 COLLAGE-002”

The Male butt multiple

185 COLLAGE-001 “185 COLLAGE-001”

Men's Couple embracing

186 COLLAGE-002 “186 COLLAGE-002”

Latino Men Undressing

212 COLLAGE-001 “212 COLLAGE-001”

Latin Showing off

223 COLLAGE-001 “223 COLLAGE-001”

Latino Reflection

224 COLLAGE-001 “224 COLLAGE-001”

Black Men on the Cross