Carol Morgan

The expressive spirit of color, texture, and energy is captured on canvas in this stunning collection of works by Carol Morgan. Her exuberance is a living force -- ask all that know her! -- and it is clearly evident in each painting.

Carol’s background includes teaching, managing, marketing and publishing. As a successful real estate broker for 20 years her strong creative sense and impeccable attention to detail benefited many clients. The ability to see beyond the obvious and direct attention to possibilities while working within existing structures has been one of her greatest assets.

Carol recalls a simple early lesson, given by a college art professor: “The class was given materials and asked to draw, and then paint a ‘spoon’. When the assignment was complete, the professor dropped, with a clamor, real spoons everywhere. . . Incredibly, there were images that appeared right side up on one side and upside down on the other. Amazing colors, images and shapes reflected from each of their surfaces.

Opening one’s eyes and attention
to all there is has a profound impact.

In 2007 her life coach Anna Grace Harding invited Carol to “do a bad painting”. A rather elementary assignment, but to almost everyone’s astonishment the work you see here burst forth. Carol states: “Freedom to enjoy the process, without mental constraints or expectations, opened reservoirs deep within. The results are transferred to each canvas.”

The pure expression of Carol’s work is as exhilarating to her, the creator, as it is to the imagination of the viewer.



Beyond the Obvious

Nature has been my source of inspiration for this body of work. The energy that evolves from each canvas comes from a spirit not as a conscious effort. As the artist I am only the conduit between that source and what is portrayed in each painting. This relationship makes it impossible for me to reproduce any piece as they are each unique.