Kees Woestenenk


Kees Woestenenk Sculptures

Sculptures of stone and wood, and a few of acrylic stone. All sculptures are unique, no duplicates.

Bass Player “Bass Player”

Small marble sculpture, 21 cm high, started without any intention, at finish referring a bass playing musician.

Clamp “Clamp”

Quartzite, 25 cm, abstract

Penetration “Penetration ”

Black alabaster, 36 cm high, shows the penetration of a surface by something similar to a spermatozoide

Enclosed space “Enclosed space”

Pear wood sculpture, 48 cm high, enclosing a space that replaced a rotten heart

Satyr “Satyr”

Pear wood, 65 cm high, the satyr as a mythological creature, that appeared when working on this piece of wood

Shields “Shields”

Acrylic stone, 50 cm wide, a composition using acrylic resin with stone powder.

Male Female Crossing MFX “Male Female Crossing MFX”

Bardiglio marble 60cm. Cut from one piece of this beautiful stone, at first starting with an X shape that developed into two crossing figures.

Next to you “Next to you”

Sand color marble, 20 cm, two shapes growing apart and meeting again.

Torso “Torso”

Small marble sculpture, 32 cm high. A flat shape bending into a torso.

Turning point “Turning point”

Acryklic stone on a aerated concrete base, the concrete exposed around the inner circle.

Double v2 “Double v2”

Bardiglio marble, second version of sculpture that was damaged. The new shape makes a good balance of shapes.

Incision “Incision”

Two pieces of white marble balancing, one of them cut by a surgical incision


Juniper wood, 85 cm high. the branches are ordered like DNA, hence its name

Satisfaction “Satisfaction”

Marble, 65 cm high

Union “Union”

Marble, 65 cm high, male and female united

Balance “Balance”

Small marble sculpture 33 cm high

Flying Object “Flying Object”

An object in space

Petrified Life “Petrified Life”

A piece of Petrified wood, transferred into the sculpture Petrified life

Walking “Walking”

A small sculpture of a piece of Apatite

torso “torso”

A small sculpture made of a piece of Bloodstone, where the original shape has hardly been modified

Circle “Circle”

A 30 cm high sculpture of Onyx. It invites the spectator to interpret.

Moving “Moving”

This 1 - 2 cm thin Onyx stone started its life as a split-off piece of an earlier sculpture, the fracture is now the back of the new sculpture. The diagonal drawing corresponds to that of the earlier Cirkel sculpture, and served as the starting point for the developed shape.

Musician “Musician”

The sculpture of marble, 31 cm high, has a form that evokes associations with music and its performers. The marble is white Statuario with a pedestal of Dolomite. 31 cm high

Hello “Hello”

A small sculpture of alabaster from the area of Volterra, Italy, with a waving man as subject. 9 cm high

Rising “Rising”

ising is a teak sculpture on a pedestal of blue stone in which the dynamic rise, such as a snake or an erection, is expressed, with the tension that goes with it. 42 cm high

Receptive 2018 “Receptive 2018”

The marble sculpture Receptive is essentially abstract, but gives the suggestion of a reclining human shape, a female figure, that opens up to her surroundings. As with much of my work, this sculpture has arisen without a preconceived idea and the interpretation is retrospective. 25 x 23 x 9 cm

Look 2018 “Look 2018”

Two marble stones from the river in Seravezza, Italy, form the basis of this sculpture, one pure white, the other grayish. The upper, white stone is pierced from three sides in places that have already been marked on the stone formed by the river, the bottom stone acts as a support and keeps an eye on the upper one. 25 x 17 x 17 cm, 2018