Location: Brazil

Naza is a Brazilian American Painter whose works are in several important collections, including President Clinton, President Barack Obama, President Dilma Rousseff, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ivana Trump, Ayrton Senna Institute, Brigitte Bardot, The West Point Museum, and the Cornell Museum of Art and History.
She has bases both in the United States and in Brazil. Her works have been exhibited in several major galleries and museums throughout the United States, Brazil, France, Panama, and Canada.
Some of Naza's honors are the Croix D'argent of "Lemerite et Devoument Frnçais", Woman of Distinction (by Soroptimists of America, Boca Raton chapter), a published biography written by Journalist Suzane Jales, the Key to The City of Boca Raton, and a Proclamation by the Brazilian
Senate in her honor.

The most striking aspect of Naza's art is her skilled integration of opposites, such as abstraction and realism. Her contemporary art is imaginative, powerful and unprecedented in style.

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Abstract Art

Abstract art by Naza. Paintings of several subjects, including endangered species, human figure, and animals.