Location: France

Raphaële GOINEAU is a french plein-air painter, living near the west coast of France. She likes to paint with oil on small panels as on big canvas, but the more often outdoor and alla prima. Coming from an island (a french tiny rock a few miles away from Newfoundland, Canada), she especially loves to paint the sea, the boats, the water... She prefers the warm light of the end of the day, the strong contrasts and the dark shadows, but she likes new challenges and she try to show that you can find everywhere something interesting to paint, to look; a nice light, a small shadow. She likes to share the pleasure she has to see, to look at the world...
She exhibit her work since 1992.
First prize of the Town of Paris, First and seconde prize of the Town of Bordeaux. "First of show" February 2015 of the Raymart Art contest.


French Paysages and "natures mortes"

Landscapes of France and the french island of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon by Raphaële Goineau. Done with oil, often en plein-air, plus portraits and still lives done in studio.

L'embarcadère à Coulon “L'embarcadère à Coulon”

Oil on canvas
65X50cm (15P)

A côté il y avait le club à Zab' “A côté il y avait le club à Zab'”

Oil on panel, plein-pair night painting.

Lena “Lena”

Oil on canvas

Qui as dit kitsch? “Qui as dit kitsch?”

Oil on panel

Pour des prunes “Pour des prunes”

Oil on panel